Teamsters United

Teamsters United won the majority of the vote from Teamsters in the United States and elected six International Union Vice Presidents in the closest election in Teamster history.

We formed Teamsters United to win new leadership and a new direction for our union. That fight continues.

We are fighting for a rerun election to give members’ a fair vote.

We are uniting members to fight givebacks and win strong contracts, defend our pensions and benefits, eradicate corruption from our union, and elect leaders in our locals and our International who will fight for the members.

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Kim Schultz Speaks Out at Women's Conference


In a speech to the Women’s Conference, IBT Vice President Kim Schultz spoke out on the need for more women’s leadership in the Teamsters. In response, some Hoffa supporters booed and walked out. Most of the Teamster sisters there stayed, applauded, and thanked Kim for speaking up. Read Kim’s speech and judge it for yourself.

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Fred Zuckerman's Statement on Sean O'Brien Removal


Hoffa fires Sean O'Brien as Parcel Division Director and Co-Chair of the UPS National Negotiating Committee.

Now that I've got your attention let me tell my thoughts on this.

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UPSers Bring Demands to Proposals Meetings

Teamsters United supporters are making contract proposals to take on the biggest problems. Proposals must be submitted by local unions to the IBT by the end of August.


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Hoffa Corruption Exposed

Hoffa faces a major new corruption probe for racketeering and employer gifts and payoffs. Share this video and help elect new International Union leadership that will end Hoffa's corruption and contract sellouts.

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