Teamsters United

Teamsters United won the majority of the vote from Teamsters in the United States and elected six International Union Vice Presidents in the closest election in Teamster history.

We formed Teamsters United to win new leadership and a new direction for our union. That fight continues.

We are fighting for a rerun election to give members’ a fair vote.

We are uniting members to fight givebacks and win strong contracts, defend our pensions and benefits, eradicate corruption from our union, and elect leaders in our locals and our International who will fight for the members.

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Billions of Reasons to Demand Better Contracts

UPS released fat profit numbers today. The company made $1.3 billion in the 2nd quarter. The company projects record profits for the year. The money is there for a good contract.


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Update: UPS Contract Unity Pledge Drive

UPS Teamsters are collecting signatures on a Contract Unity Pledge to send UPS and the International Union a message that members are fed up with harassment and won’t accept another weak contract.


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Hoffa Running Mate John Coli Indicted


Hoffa running mate John Coli has been indicted by the feds for taking $100,000 in payoffs from an employer. Coli is resigning from all his Teamster positions effective August 1.

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Hoffa Corruption Exposed

Hoffa faces a major new corruption probe for racketeering and employer gifts and payoffs. Share this video and help elect new International Union leadership that will end Hoffa's corruption and contract sellouts.

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