New Local 2011 Ballots Will Mail on May 3

New Local 2011 Ballots Will Mail on May 3


FDOC Teamsters are already being hurt by an unelected, ineffective trusteeship that has allowed the PBA to try to raid our union.

Now we have an election scandal. But we also have the chance to set things right.

Judge Kathleen Roberts found them guilty of misusing union resources in the election for Convention Delegate. The judge has ordered a new vote in Local 2011. 

You will be mailed a new ballot on Tuesday, May 3.

Federal law prohibits using union resources to campaign.  The FDOC Teamsters Strong slate did it anyway.

 Because of the violations by FDOC Strong, the election has been taken out of the hands of Local 2011 officials and Trustee Ken Wood. The new vote will be run by impartial election monitors.

Law enforcement Teamsters don’t need corruption in our union. 

We need elected, accountable leaders who understand the dangerous work we do and who will stand up for the membership at work and in Tallahassee.

That’s what FDOC Teamsters United is fighting for.

Vote FDOC Teamsters United.

  •  Representation by elected union leaders—not unelected Trustees
  • Zero tolerance for corruption
  • Union leaders that fight for you on the job and in Tallahassee
  • No increase in union dues 

If you do not receive a ballot, call 813-621-1391, ext. 9.



Teamster members speak out on why they're supporting Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United. Watch more videos about how Fred fights for us.
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