804 Teamsters United Against Hoffa

804 Teamsters United Against Hoffa

804 Members Can't Let Hoffa-Hall Negotiate Another Contract


Local 804 members are voting Fred Zuckerman Teamsters United because Hoffa-Hall are in bed with the company and UPS is walking all over the membership.

And what is the 804 Executive Board doing? They are telling members to vote Hoffa-Hall because they should negotiate the next contract. Are they nuts?

Look at how Hoffa-Hall sold us out in the last one:

  • Harassment: Hoffa-Hall told the 804 bargaining committee to drop contract proposals to protect members from harassment and phony dishonesty charges. Hoffa-Hall said these issues would be taken care of in the national contract. They weren’t. Now we’re paying the price.
  •  Pensions: Hoffa and Hall told the 804 bargaining committee to take a $3,700/month pension and to give away 25 & Out. The bargaining committee refused and won a $4,000 pension and a $400 increase at 25 & Out. 
  • Part-Time Pay & Full-Time Jobs. Hoffa-Hall froze starting pay at just $10 an hour through 2018. They moved part-timers into TeamCare. Members are paying more out of pocket and losing coverage because Hoffa-Hall lied about the one-punch rule.  

Local 804 members are voting Fred Zuckerman Teamsters United so Hoffa-Hall can never sell us out again. We want an International Union that will stand up to UPS.

Why is 804 Strong fighting to save Hoffa and Ken Hall’s from losing their jobs, instead of fighting to save the members and stewards that UPS is firing left and right?

The answer is obvious. They are paying Hoffa and Hall back for all the help they got from the Hoffa campaign in the Local 804 election. 

The Executive Board is playing politics with our contract and our livelihood. But this is no game. Our jobs are at stake.

Your vote is your voice.  Use it to Dump Hoffa.  

Mark and mail your ballot for Fred Zuckerman Teamsters United. 

This is still the home of Ron Carey.   sample_ballot_flyer_1.png

Teamster members speak out on why they're supporting Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United. Watch more videos about how Fred fights for us.
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