804 Strong's Phony Charges

804 Strong's Phony Charges


804 Strong's Phony Charges

UPS is harassing members, violating the contract and even walking stewards off the job.

Unable to stand up to management, 804 Strong is coming down on the members. This week, they held a kangaroo court on bogus charges against Tim Sylvester, a 38-year Teamster.

You may have heard the 804 Strong lies. Here are the facts.

After Local 804 members elected new officers in 2015, Tim Sylvester and the outgoing officers were paid their unused accrued vacation. This was all done by the book.

When a Teamster leaves their job, they cash out their accrued vacation. When a Teamster officer leaves their job, they do the same thing. State law requires it.

Tim Sylvester and the outgoing officers were paid their unused accrued vacation on December 30, 2015.

The very next day, Tim Sylvester met with Eddie Villalta and reported the vacation payout.

The Local 804 Bylaws require that the payout be reported to the members. But Eddie never did.

Instead, Villalta hired Hoffa Campaign operatives to put out leaflets falsely accusing Tim Sylvester of embezzlement. Then he hired a Hoffa lawyer to conduct a phony investigation.

This week, Villalta held a kangaroo court on the charges.

Villalta refused to recuse himself even though he and the rest of the hearing panel have already passed out leaflets and sent out a mailing at members’ expense, saying that Tim Sylvester is guilty.

The Executive Board's actions are an abuse of power, plain and simple. This is unprecedented in Local 804.

When Howie Redmond was voted out of office in 2009, he and his Executive Board collected their unused vacation pay. Then Tim Sylvester reported the expense at the first membership meeting in 2010.

There were no phony charges or kangaroo courts. The rules were followed and the union moved on.

Tim Sylvester committed no financial wrongdoing whatsoever. In fact, he voluntarily gave back tens of thousands of dollars to the members.

When Local 804 members elected Tim Sylvester, he cut his own salary and eliminated a 401(k) match that was paid for with members’ dues. Every Local 804 officer did the same thing. These financial reforms saved the union hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The phony charges against Tim Sylvester and other former officers are a sign of weakness and a sign of fear by an Executive Board that knows it has lost the support of the membership. 

Eighty-six percent of us voted against Hoffa. That vote exposed 804 Strong.

The charges against Tim Sylvester are a warning shot from the Executive Board that they will come after anyone who criticizes 804 Strong or Hoffa.

But Local 804 members are not afraid.

We are sick of the harassment, unfair discipline, and this Executive Board’s weakness and ineffectiveness and we will not be intimidated by bogus charges or kangaroo courts.

The internal union charges filed by 804 Strong are a disgrace.

It’s time for the Executive Board to go after UPS management, instead of coming after the members.

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