Corruption Crackdown or Cover Up?


Hoffa has filed internal union charges against Ken Hall for obstructing corruption investigators. But this is no crackdown on corruption. It’s a cover up.

For nine months, the Hoffa-Hall administration has obstructed an independent investigation into corruption at the highest levels of our union. They withheld documents. They deleted emails.

When the Independent Investigations Officer filed obstruction charges against Hall, Hoffa brought in a top-dollar outside attorney Viet Dinh—paid for with your dues—to go to federal court to demand that the charges be dismissed.

But on November 22, Hoffa turned around and filed internal union charges against Ken Hall for obstruction. Has Hoffa had a change of heart? Hardly.

Here’s what really happened.

On November 15, Federal Judge Loretta Preska roundly rejected the IBT’s motion to have the Ken Hall charges dismissed.

The judicial smack-down gave Hoffa seven days to either file charges against Hall or refer the charges to the Independent Review Officer for a hearing. 

On the last possible day, Hoffa filed charges against Hall. Hoffa made a point of saying that he had “not formed any opinions” about the merits of the charges but that he would schedule a hearing.

Cover Up and Stall Tactics

The writing is on the wall. No hearing panel set up by Hoffa is going to find Hall guilty of obstructing corruption investigators—especially not when Hall was obstructing investigations into Hoffa himself!

The maneuver by Hoffa is a stall tactic that buys time. He now has until the end of January to hold a hearing.

IBT Vice President Rome Aloise is following the same playbook. He was charged with corruption in February, but has used delay tactics to avoid any hearing for nine months and counting.

In the meantime, investigators followed the corruption trail from the Aloise charges and they led straight to Hoffa and his inner circle.

Hoffa’s Chief of Staff W.C. Smith was charged on November 17 with taking an illegal employer gift in exchange for contract concessions imposed by Rome Aloise.

Hoffa, Hall and others are under investigation for rigging the bidding process at a Teamster benefit fund to reward a broker who took Hoffa, Smith and others on luxury golf outings.

The delay tactics by Hoffa-Hall prevented the corruption from being exposed until after members had voted. Teamsters United is pressing this issue in our post-election protest.

In the meantime, the Hoffa-Hall corruption cover up continues.

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