Fact-Checkers Disprove Hoffa's Lies

When you can't run on your record, you lie, spin and go negative. That's what the Hoffa campaign is doing. Hoffa-Hall sent a mailing to every Teamster with the big lie that Fred Zuckerman has mismanaged his local union.  That's a crock. Here are the facts.


Local 89 has 17,497 members and is one of the most powerful Teamster locals in the country. The International Union has lost members since Hoffa took office. During the same period Local 89 has increased its membership by 20 percent.

Local 89 has over $2 million in assets. Over the last six years, Fred increased the local's spending on members by nearly $1.7 million to increase representation and contract enforcement.

During the same time, the local's assets have grown from $938,188 to $2,091,084. Fred did all this while cutting dues for part-timers.

Increasing union assets and spending on members. Decreasing dues. Does that sound like "mismanagement" to you--or just another lie from Hoffa-Hall?

Hoffa-Hall also claim that Fred raised his salary to over $200,000 a year. That’s another lie. Local 89’s financial report filed with the DOL is right here. Look at it for yourself.

The members who know him best are voting Fred Zuckerman and the Teamsters United slate. Hear from them in their own words and decide for yourself.

See more stories from Teamsters who were thrown under the bus by Hoffa-Hall but fought back and won with the help of Fred Zuckerman at

Teamster members speak out on why they're supporting Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United. Watch more videos about how Fred fights for us.
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