Hoffa & Company Get Desperate


The Hoffa team at Local 804 have filed phony internal union charges against Teamsters United’s Tim Sylvester.

The charges against Tim Sylvester are 100 percent baseless. They are a political smear campaign by Hoffa and the Local 804 officers who do his bidding.

An overwhelming 86 percent of Local 804 members voted for Tim Sylvester and Teamsters United in the International Union election.  Local 804 officers backed Hoffa-Hall. They lost by a vote of 1835-295.

Humiliated at the ballot box, Hoffa-Hall and Local 804 Hofficers are resorting to smear tactics and phony union charges, falsely accusing Sylvester of embezzlement.

The charges are false and the facts are clear. After Local 804 members elected new officers in 2015, the outgoing local officers were paid for their unused accrued vacation in accordance with the local union’s bylaws.

When a Teamster leaves their job, they cash out their accrued vacation. When a Teamster officer leaves their job, they do the same thing. 

This is standard procedure in every Teamster local and is the same procedure followed after previous Local 804 elections.

Local 804 officers took office over one year ago. If they were concerned about the legitimate vacation payout, they could have acted then.

They did nothing. Instead, the Local 804 Hofficers waited until the election for Convention Delegate and passed out a smear leaflet falsely accusing Tim Sylvester of embezzlement.

They lost that election and the issue disappeared for months. Now it’s back after Hoffa-Hall got creamed in Local 804 again.

The issue is an open and shut case. Tim Sylvester and the outgoing Local 804 officers committed no financial wrongdoing whatsoever.

In fact, each of them cut their salaries by tens of thousands per year, saving Local 804 many hundreds of thousands of dollars during their terms of office. 

Hoffa-Hall and the Local 804 Hofficers have failed the members. Lies and smear campaigns won’t change the facts or save their jobs.

Click here to download a leaflet on the phony charges.

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