The Chart that Proves Hoffa-Hall Can’t Be Trusted with Your Pension

Hoffa-Hall slate members are tied to at least nine other pension funds that are in Critical Status, Endangered or are considered by the IRS to be failed funds headed for insolvency. 

When Hoffa ran for office, he promised a 25 & Out pension for every Teamster. Instead, he has delivered the worst pension crisis in Teamster history. More than 400,000 Teamsters in the Central States alone are threatened with losing their pensions. Central States is projected to go broke in a decade.

But Hoffa is not alone in whistling while Teamster pensions burn. 

A review of Teamster pension plans reveals nine other funds that are in jeopardy—each one tied to a Hoffa-Hall slate member. These plans have more than 125,000 participants.

List of Endangered, Critical and Critical-Declining Pension Funds Led by Hoffa-Hall Running Mates 

Ken Hall, General ST

Employer-Teamsters Local Nos 175 & 505 Pension Trust Fund

In Critical Status (Red Zone)

President of Local 175

George Miranda, At Large VP

Local 210's Pension Plan

And Local 210 Affiliated Pension Trust

Both in Critical Status (Red Zone)

Fund Trustee and Union Pres

George Tedeschi, At Large VP

Graphic Communications Conference of IBT National Pension Fund

Critical and Declining (A failed fund)

Projected Insolvency by April 30, 2022; Tedeschi is Fund Co-Chair and Conference Head

Fred Potter, At Large VP

Teamsters Local 469 Pension Plan

Critical and Declining (A failed fund)

Fund Administrator and Union Pres

Bill Hamilton, Eastern Reg. VP

Teamsters Pension Plan of Philadelphia & Vicinity

Endangered (Yellow Zone)

Fund Co-Chairman

Sean O'Brien, Eastern Reg. VP

New England Teamsters & Trucking Industry Pension Fund

Critical Status (Red Zone)

Fund Trustee, Joint Council Pres

Denis Taylor, Trustee

Truck Drivers Local Union No. 355 Retirement Plan


Fund Trustee

Denis Taylor – 2nd fund

Freight Drivers and Helpers Local 557 Pension Trust

Critical and Declining (A failed fund)

Local President

Hoffa-Hall have launched political attacks against good local officers over issues in their benefit funds—but they never own up to their own record. 

Hoffa-Hall have given up on Teamster pensions—and left the battle for retirement security to Teamster retirees to fight on their own.

Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United will put the power of our International Union to work fighting to defend Teamster pensions.



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