Hoffa-Hall Corruption Update


Hoffa-Hall stonewalled corruption investigators until after the election to steal the closest election in Teamster history.

The election has not been certified and it shouldn’t be. Members deserve a fair vote and a rerun election.

Hoffa-Hall spent millions in members’ dues to stonewall investigators and prevent voters from learning about their corruption until after the election. But the chickens are finally coming home to roost.

IBT Vice President Rome Aloise will finally face a hearing with the Independent Review Officer (IRO) on his corruption charges on March 14.

Hoffa’s Executive Assistant Willie Smith has been charged with taking employer payoffs.

As for Ken Hall, a verdict by the IBT on the obstruction charges against him is due on January 29. That is the 90-day deadline set by the Final Order—a court settlement between the IBT and the Department of Justice.  Then the matter goes to the IRO for action.

It remains to be seen if Hoffa-Hall will meet the January 29 deadline. They have ignored every corruption deadline so far.

When Rome Aloise was charged, Hoffa-Hall ignored deadlines and held no hearing. They withheld over 32,000 emails and documents from corruption investigators until Judge Loretta Preska finally ordered Hoffa-Hall to turn over the suppressed documents.

Over the last ten months, Hoffa-Hall have spent millions of dollars in union resources to to hide their corruption from Teamster voters.

Under the Election Rules and federal law, Teamsters are entitled to a fair and informed vote, and union resources cannot be used to benefit the incumbent’s campaign.

The Hoffa-Hall corruption cover-up—paid for with your dues—tainted the closest election in Teamster history.

The Election Supervisor has the authority and the responsibility to order a rerun election and to give members a fair and informed vote.

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