Hoffa Running Mate Busted for Corruption


Rome Aloise, an International Vice President and the leader on the Hoffa-Hall Slate, has been charged with a litany of corruption charges which are detailed in a 122-page report by the Independent Review Board.

The charges lay out how Aloise engaged in labor racketeering, took gifts from employers, negotiated a sham contract, asked management to hire his relatives while he was at the bargaining table with them, and used union and employer resources to punish members for opposing Aloise’s friends in Teamster elections.

Aloise’s corruption reached into Hoffa’s inner circle. While in negotiations with the largest liquor distributor in the country, Aloise got management to give him six tickets to Playboy’s Party at the Super Bowl for Hoffa’s Executive Assistant, Willie Smith!

While our union was negotiating the National UPS Contract and the NorCal and Western Supplements, Aloise contacted Chris Langan, a UPS management negotiator, to try to leverage a job for his stepson who had pending criminal charges for assault, robbery and displaying a deadly weapon.

Langan is a negotiator for UPS on benefits issues. He helped management negotiate the healthcare cuts in Teamcare and the Teamsters Western Region and Local 177 healthcare plan.

“This is how Hoffa rolls: concessions for working Teamsters and Playboy parties and employer gifts for Hoffa’s buddies,” said Teamsters United General President candidate Fred Zuckerman.

“Corruption disgraces our union and tarnishes the name of all the honest members and officers who work hard everyday to help the members, not to line their own pockets,” Zuckerman said. “This is one more reason Hoffa-Hall have to go.”

You can read their 122-page corruption report on Rome Aloise hereor download a leaflet in color or black and white.



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