Investigation Finds Employers Backed Hoffa Running Mate; Election Rerun Ordered in So Cal


The Teamster Election Supervisor has ordered a new Convention Delegate election in Southern California Local 572 after investigators found that employers illegally backed the slate led by Hoffa’s running mate Rick Middleton.

What is it with Hoffa’s running mates in the West? First Rome Aloise, Hoffa’s VP in Northern California, is busted on corruption charges, including taking employer gifts. Now, Middleton, a Hoffa-Hall VP in Southern California, has been caught using employer-backing to rig an election.  

Middleton “won” the first Delegate race by just 92 votes. We now know that election was stolen through violations and dirty tricks, including using union resources, confiscating members’ ballots, and collaborating with employers. 

The violations are laid out in a detailed report by the independent Election Supervisor.

  • A Local 572 business agent told management to bar Teamsters United 572 from campaigning so members would not find out about their chance to vote for change. Multiple employers threw Teamsters United 572 candidates off their property.
  • One employer, First Student, even posted a campaign display instructing employees to vote for Middleton. The display included “professional-quality portraits" of Hoffa’s running mate and the rest of his slate.
  • Union resources were used to tell members how to vote. Ballots were confiscated from Local 572 members by a shop steward.

The violations and fraud show just how desperate Hoffa and Hall are to deny members a choice in the International Union election. Teamsters United 572 is running to nominate Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United candidates in the Western Region. 

Will You Stand with These Teamsters?

Fortunately, Local 572 members will get a new, supervised election. Ballots will be mailed on April 19. 

It’s up to all of us to help Local 572 members win their Delegate race and secure a choice against the Hoffa-Hall slate for every Teamster in the West.

Rick Middleton has plenty of money to finance another campaign. He took home three Teamster salaries last year. His total compensation was $310,830.

The Teamsters United 572 candidates are working Teamsters running a grassroots campaign. Can you chip in to help them win? 

Click here to donate to Teamsters United—and we’ll use these funds to help Local 572 members take on Hoffa and the employers. 

Teamster members speak out on why they're supporting Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United. Watch more videos about how Fred fights for us.
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