Ken Hall Delays Corruption Hearing--AGAIN

Hoffa and Ken Hall have stonewalled corruption officers yet again. This time, they got a 90-day delay in the proceedings against Hall and Hoffa’s Executive Assistant Willie Smith. Enough is enough.


Today was the deadline for the IBT to render a verdict on the obstruction charges against Ken Hall.

Instead, the Independent Review Officer, Judge Barbara Jones, gave the Hoffa-Hall administration 90 more days to stonewall and delay.

The IBT has until April 30 to hold a hearing and render a verdict against Hall and until May 19 to rule on the charges against Willie Smith.

Smith was exposed for taking employer payoffs over a year ago. He is still on the Hoffa payroll. IBT Vice President Rome Aloise was charged last February. He is still drawing three salaries. Ken Hall has been obstructing investigators for over ten months.

Hoffa-Hall spent millions of dollars in union resources to hide their corruption from Teamster voters until after the election.

Members deserved to know the facts before they voted last fall. That didn’t happen because of Hoffa-Hall’s election violations.

The Election Supervisor can and must right this wrong by ordering a rerun election so members can cast a fair and informed vote. 

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