Ken Hall Escapes Obstruction Charges

The Independent Investigations Officer has withdrawn the obstruction charges against Ken Hall. But the fight to fix the damage cause by the obstruction continues. 


Hall was hit with the charges after the International Union withheld tens of thousands of documents and emails from corruption investigators.

Now, the Independent Investigations Officer (IIO), Joseph diGenova, says that IBT lawyers have convinced him that “Hall did not play a personal role” in suppressing the documents from investigators.

If Hall was not personally responsible, then who was? Members deserve answers.

DiGenova’s own letter to the IBT makes it clear that either the General President or the General Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for turning over the union’s records when they are subpoenaed by investigators.

As a condition for withdrawing the charges, diGenova is requiring that the IBT designate one of them to answer IDO legal requests in the future.

This weak settlement doesn't hold anyone responsible for the Hoffa-Hall administration’s obstruction. But no one denies that the obstruction took place.

The fact remains that the IBT spent millions of dollars in members’ dues to stonewall corruption investigators until after the election to the benefit of the Hoffa-Hall campaign.  

Teamsters United will continue to seek the rerun election that members deserve.

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