Local 2011 Resources Misused; Election Overturned

Local 2011 Resources Misused; Election Overturned


Local 2011 members will vote in a new election for Teamster Convention Delegate. Judge Kathleen Roberts ruled the FDOC Teamsters Strong Slate was guilty of misusing union resources in the first vote.

The results of the tainted election have been thrown out. A new ballot will be mailed to every Local 2011 member soon.

FDOC Teamsters United is your choice for a Teamsters Union that belongs to FDOC workers.

The Trusteeship doesn’t get it. They think Local 2011 belongs to them.

Federal law prohibits taking employer or union resources and using them to campaign.

But FDOC Teamsters Strong took the Local 2011 Facebook page that belongs to the membership and converted it into a page to promote their own political agenda.

Using union resources for your own campaign? That’s wrong, not strong.

Local 2011 belongs to the members. Our dues and union resources should be used to fight for FDOC workers—period.  

If you agree, make your voice heard.

Vote FDOC Teamsters United in the new mail ballot election. At the Teamster Convention, we will fight for:

  • Your right to vote in fair elections
  • Your right to be represented by elected union leaders—not unelected Trustees
  • Your right to be represented by union leaders that fight for you on the job and in Tallahassee
  • No increase in union dues.

It is unfortunate that our first election in the Teamsters was tainted by irregularities and overturned. But we have a chance to set things right and build a union of, by and for FDOC Teamsters.

If you want to help—or if you have a question—please get in touch with us at info@teamstersunited.org  


Teamster members speak out on why they're supporting Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United. Watch more videos about how Fred fights for us.
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