Successful Petition Drive Makes it Official: It’s Hoffa vs. Teamsters United in 2016


You did it! Teamster members have completed a massive petition drive to officially accredit Teamsters United as the opposition slate against Hoffa in the 2016 election.

Members collected over 63,000 signatures from Teamsters in less than 10 weeks. That’s more than twice the 30,974 signatures required for accreditation. We made our 50,000 signature goal—and we exceeded it.

This is the most signatures collected by any opposition slate in two decades. The message is clear: Teamsters are ready for change. It’s our job to keep reaching out, informing members, engaging them with the election process and turning them out to vote.

Hoffa promised to “Restore the Power” when he rode his father's last name into office 16 years ago. Instead, he has delivered contract givebacks and benefit cuts.

Within weeks, more than 350,000 Teamsters and Teamster retirees will get a letter from the Central States announcing plans for the worst pension cuts in Teamster history.

It’s time for a new direction.

While Hoffa was negotiating givebacks to the Teamsters’ largest employers, including United Parcel Service and freight companies, Tim Sylvester mobilized a grassroots campaign that won record pension increases and more full-time jobs for part-time employees.

In the last Teamster election, candidates opposed to Hoffa split into rival camps. This time, we’ve formed a united opposition slate. 

Linked videos were produced by Teamsters Local 804. Teamsters United is not affiliated with or endorsed by Teamsters Local 804.

Teamster members speak out on why they're supporting Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United. Watch more videos about how Fred fights for us.
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