Teamster Election: How It Works, How We'll Win

Teamster Election: How It Works, How We'll Win

Teamster members will vote for International Union officers in 2016.   But the election process is already underway.

The International Union election is run by an Election Supervisor, Richard Mark, who is independent of the Hoffa administration. That’s good news for Teamsters who want a fair election.  

Petition Drive to Accredit Candidates

The first big test of the campaign is the Accreditation Petition Drive. Teamsters United will launch our petition drive in June, but we are recruiting Teamster volunteers starting today.

To be officially accredited as International Union candidates, the Teamsters United Slate will need to collect a minimum of 50,000 petition signatures from Teamsters across North America. 

We are building a Teamster-to-Teamster volunteer network that can collect 50,000 signatures and reach the 200,000 Teamster voters we’ll need to win. 

Sign up to collect signatures as a petition drive volunteer. We’ll get you all the information and materials you’ll need. 


Getting Candidates on the Ballot

Even accredited candidates don’t have an automatic spot on the ballot. 

 To get on the ballot, candidates must be nominated at the Teamster Convention in June 2016 by at least five percent of the convention delegates in each region.

That means we need to elect hundreds of convention delegates who will nominate Teamsters United candidates. 

In the last election, many local unions whose members voted against Hoffa in the election were represented at the convention by officers who nominated Hoffa and Hall and tried to keep all opposition candidates off the ballot.

We can’t let that happen again.

Find out who your local union officers are supporting. If it’s Hoffa and Hall, then members in your local need to make a plan to run for convention delegate.

Convention delegate elections will be held in all local unions. Most elections will be held between January and April 2016.

Running for convention delegate is much easier than running for local union office.  And it’s much easier to win. Convention delegates represent their local union at the Teamster Convention in June 2016. 

Let us know if you're interested in running as a Teamsters United candidate for Convention Delegate in your local. 


Campaigning and Voting

 Being fed up with Hoffa and Hall won’t get them out of office. Teamsters who want change will need to build grassroots campaign committees and get the word out to Teamster members to vote for change.

 Ballots will be mailed to all Teamster members in October 2016 and they will be counted in November.

The Teamsters United Slate will need about 200,000 votes to win the International Union election. That means we have a year-and-a-half to build a network of campaign volunteers that can reach 200,000 supporters.

Register as a volunteer and get involved today. 

Teamster members speak out on why they're supporting Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United. Watch more videos about how Fred fights for us.
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