Teamsters United Continues the Fight


Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United won a majority of the vote from Teamsters in the U.S. We are keeping up the fight until we finish the job.

Teamsters United has filed an election protest to demand a new election. We are organizing to take on Hoffa-Hall corruption and givebacks.

It all starts with Teamster-to-Teamster outreach.

future-Gino.jpg“We’re going around to worksites just like we did when during the campaign. We’re passing out a leaflet to thank members for voting for Fred Zuckerman and to sign them up to get text and email updates from Teamsters United.”

Gino Nuzzolilo, Worcester Local 170 


future-dill.jpg“Charlotte has never voted for Hoffa. This time, the rest of the Carolinas were with us. We won our area with over 60% of the vote. We’re going to keep talking to members and turn supporters into activists to build a stronger Teamsters United network for change.”

 Richard Dill, Charlotte Local 71


future-debbie.jpg “We’re hitting the gates in Chicago to keep members informed and involved. Chicago Teamsters United will be supporting reformers when they run for local union office. We’re planning Teamsters United events and educational workshops, too.”

Debbie Minnick, Chicago Local 710


future-hooker.jpg“Metro-Philadelphia used to be Hoffa country. Not anymore. We’re done with Hoffa-Hall contract givebacks, especially at UPS. We’re having a meeting with activists to make plans for what’s next.”

Richard Hooker, Philadelphia Local 623


 Send us your ideas about what Teamsters United can do or request a Teamsters United leaflet for your area.


Teamster members speak out on why they're supporting Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United. Watch more videos about how Fred fights for us.
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