Teamsters United Files Election Protest


Hoffa and Ken Hall spent millions in members’ dues to benefit their campaign by obstructing investigators and preventing members from learning about the extent of their corruption until after the vote. The election hasn’t been certified yet, and it shouldn’t be. Members deserve a rerun.

Teamsters United has filed a campaign protest that details how IBT resources were systematically used to obstruct investigators and delay the release of documents detailing corruption in the Hoffa-Hall administration.

On November 29, Federal Judge Loretta Preska ordered obstruction charges to proceed against Ken Hall. But, by that time, the ballots had already been counted.

This is just one of the many election violations that benefitted the Hoffa-Hall campaign. Our protest also documents employer interference, the termination of Teamsters United campaigners, surveillance, threats and intimidation by Teamster officials and other violations.

The election was, by far, the closest in Teamster history. We are calling on the elections for General President, General Secretary Treasurer, the At-Large Vice Presidents, Trustees, and Eastern and Western Vice President positions to be rerun.

Teamsters United does not object to the certification of the officers of Teamsters Canada—and there is no reason to rerun the elections for Southern and Central Vice Presidents, which were won by Teamsters United candidates who did not benefit from the Hoffa-Hall violations.

Hoffa’s campaign attorney, David Hoffa, filed a protest regarding the election of Kimberly Schultz, seeking to block the only woman elected from taking office. We expect that issue to be settled fairly and Schultz’s election to be certified.

The election protest will be ruled on by the Election Supervisor.

“Hoffa-Hall used dues money to obstruct corruption investigators and benefit their campaign. That alone justifies a rerun,” said Fred Zuckerman. “Hoffa-Hall have no chance of winning a fair election—and they know it. But a fair election is what the members deserve.”

Teamster members speak out on why they're supporting Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United. Watch more videos about how Fred fights for us.
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