U.S. Attorney Takes Hoffa-Hall to Federal Court


At the debate, Fred Zuckerman challenged Ken Hall to stop covering up corruption. Soon, Hall won’t have any choice.

The U.S. Attorney is headed to federal court to demand the Hoffa-Hall administration turn over 17,334 emails and documents they have withheld from corruption investigators for six months.

As General Secretary-Treasurer, Ken Hall is in charge of all IBT records. That’s why he’s the one facing charges for withholding the subpoenaed emails and documents and obstructing the corruption investigation.

When the truth comes out, Hoffa will be next.

The Independent Investigations Officer (IIO) is investigating corruption at the highest levels of our union, including payments and gifts from employers, vendors and others doing business with the union.

The U.S. Attorney confirms this includes the awarding of contracts for a union fund to the notorious Charles Bertucio, who has taken Hoffa, Hoffa's Executive Assistant Willie Smith and many other Teamster officials on golf junkets at resorts in the U.S. and in Europe.

Months ago, Teamsters United exposed this scandal in this video and this report on corruption. Now you don’t have to take our word for it. You can read the court papers from the U.S. Attorney.

You can’t fight for the members when you are on the take. That’s why Fred Zuckerman has vowed to end corruption in our union as General President.

Speaking to the press, Hoffa-Hall spokesman Bret Caldwell ridiculously claimed that the charges against Hall are “politically motivated.” He accused Independent Investigations Officer Joseph diGenova of trying “to interfere with the ongoing Teamsters national election” against the Hoffa-Hall slate.

Caldwell “forgot” to mention that Hoffa appointed diGenova himself! DiGenova’s job is to follow the corruption trail wherever it leads. It’s not his fault the corruption trail leads to Hoffa and Hall; it’s theirs.

Hoffa and Hall obstructed the corruption investigators for six months to prevent members from learning the truth before the Teamster election. Their stonewalling worked. But it’s not too late to end corruption in our union.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Vote for the Fred Zuckerman Teamsters United slate. If you need a new ballot, call 844-428-8683 and order a replacement ballot. If you voted for Hoffa-Hall, you can change your vote by casting a second ballot. The last ballot that arrives is the one that counts.
  • Get more facts. Watch this video and read our corruption report.
  • Inform other Teamsters.  Pass out leaflets to inform other Teamsters.

Together, we’ll end Hoffa-Hall’s corruption and concessions.


Teamster members speak out on why they're supporting Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United. Watch more videos about how Fred fights for us.
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