Fred Fights for Us

Fred Fights for Us

Proven Teamster Leadership

Fred Zuckerman has a proven record of winning strong contracts and good benefits as the leader of Local 89, one of the most powerful local unions in the Teamsters.  He's the members' choice for new leadership and a new direction in our International Union. 

A Union that Fights for Us

One hundred sixty-six Teamsters lost their jobs for 2½ years because Hoffa refused to back their local union's fight against union busting. Fred Zuckerman united them to win back their jobs and $20 million in back pay. Members tell their story. 

Strong Contracts, Not Givebacks

The General President we elect this fall will negotiate our national contracts. Teamsters speak out about why they want Fred Zuckerman, not Hoffa, facing off against the employers at the bargaining table. 

Fighting for Teamster Pensions

Fred Zuckerman and Teamsters United will fight for Teamster pensions. Hoffa has sold out and surrendered.

Leadership that Stands Up to UPS

Harassment has never been worse at UPS. Hoffa-Hall let management walk all over the contract. UPS Teamsters speak out on why they're voting for new leadership that will stand up to UPS.  

Freight Teamsters Speak Out on Fred vs. Hoffa

The Hoffa-Hall administration has allowed runaway subcontracting in the freight industry. Fred Zuckerman united members to take on the subcontractors and protect our jobs. Members tell their story.   

Beating Givebacks by Fighting Smart

When grocery giant Kroger contracted out Teamster jobs, Hoffa told members to take concessions. Fred Zuckerman united members with a smart strategy to defeat concessions and win contract improvements. Members tell their story.  

Standing with UPS Teamsters

Straight talk from General President candidate Fred Zuckerman on how Hoffa-Hall betrayed UPS Teamsters and sold out to the company. 

A Voice for Part-Timers

Fred Zuckerman is the first slate in Teamster history to include UPS part-timers as candidates for International Union leadership. Part-timers and 22.3s will have a seat when decisions are made and our contract is negotiated.

Teamcare & UPS Healthcare Cuts

Hoffa-Hall cut the healthcare benefits of 150,000 Teamsters at UPS. 

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