What is Ken Hall Hiding from UPSers?


When corruption investigators subpoenaed documents, one of Ken Hall’s first moves was to cover up his emails to UPS management during contract negotiations. What is Hall hiding from UPSers?

Ken Hall faces obstruction charges for deleting emails and withholding 11,319 documents from corruption investigators.

Notably, one of Hall’s first moves was to refuse to hand over emails related to UPS contract negotiations.

These are the same negotiations where Hoffa gave up concessions and cut the healthcare of over 100,000 Teamsters.

That disgrace is well-known. What else is Ken Hall hiding in his emails?

Members will have to wait to find out. The Independent Investigations Officer agreed to allow Hall to withhold all emails related to UPS negotiations and any legally-privileged communication.

That was way back in July, but Hall continued to stonewall to make sure corruption investigators didn’t get any incriminating emails or documents until after the Teamster election.

Ken Hall sells out to employers and covers up for corruption. We don’t need to see any emails to know that. It’s time for him to go.

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