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UPS Teamsters United is a grassroots campaign to defeat givebacks and win the contract we deserve.

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Members at UPS and UPS Freight have the right to vote on our contract. That gives us leverage if we're informed, involved and organized.

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UPS/UPS Freight Strike Authorization Vote

Members will be voting beginning next week on giving strike authorization to the IBT at UPS and UPS Freight. We urge all Teamsters to Vote Yes to send the company a message that members will not accept givebacks or a weak contract.

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ABF Contract Passes - Some Supplements Rejected

Teamsters at ABF have ratified the proposed contract by 58% which restores some of what had been lost in the 2013 contract, but falls short of what most ABF Teamsters expect and deserve.

We will post a link to the local by local results as they become available.

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Denis Taylor Doubles Down on Givebacks, Brownout

In a Friday morning massacre, Hoffa’s chief negotiator Denis Taylor threw off multiple members of the UPS National Negotiating Committee, including International Union Vice President Avral Thompson for opposing givebacks.

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Teamsters United for Good Contracts


Teamsters United is bringing members together to fight for good contracts. Show the company and the International Union that we won’t accept concessions by ordering a T-shirt.

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