Stop Unsafe Schedules at UPS

Stop Unsafe Schedules at UPS

Stop Unsafe 70-Hour Work Weeks at UPS

Without warning, UPS has imposed a new 70-hour work week on package car drivers in many parts of the country.

UPSers are already working round the clock to serve customers during the holiday season. Forcing exhausted package drivers to work even more hours is unsafe for employees and the public. 


UPS is forcing package drivers to work up to 70-hours and six days a week. Package drivers were already working 60 hours a week and lifting up to a ton of packages per day, every day. Forcing package drivers to work even longer hours is unsafe to workers and the public.

Tell UPS to stop forcing exhausted package drivers to work unsafe 70-hour and 6-day work weeks. Tell General President Hoffa and the Teamster Package Division to protect package drivers and the public. 

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